Upper glute exercises to build your glute shelf

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If you’re looking for an upper-glute workout to grow your bum, you’ve come to the right place.

After reading this post, you’ll learn about the muscles of the upper glutes and how to target them with effective exercises. I’ll also share a simple routine that you can do at home or the gym!

What is the muscle at the top of your buttocks?

The gluteus medius is a muscle located at the top of your buttocks. It is commonly known as the upper glute or the glute shelf. This muscle helps keep your pelvis level as you walk.

The benefits of strong upper glutes

Strong glutes are essential for your health, functionality, and performance at the gym. The muscles play a crucial stabilizing role at the pelvis, which supports your body during most activities: the squat, pull-up, overhead press, etc.

Upper glute exercises: what exercises work the top of your glutes?

Lateral Lunge (Squat)

Lateral Leg Raises

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Single-leg Glute Bridge 2

Banded Lateral Walks

Glute Med Cable Kick Back

FAQs about upper glute exercises

Why are my upper glutes not growing?

How long does it take to grow upper glutes?

How do you train all 3 glutes?

How to get a shelf on the upper glutes?

The best way to target the lower back and upper glutes, improving your shelf butt, is to perform the glute exercises discussed above. You can pick from the list and put together simple routines emphasizing specific glute muscles or targeting the entire butt.

Should I train my glutes every day?

The glutes are like most other skeletal muscles. You must train the butt and lower back with various exercises but give yourself time to recover. Daily training might seem the best way to make optimal progress, but that isn’t the case.

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